May 30, 2010

what am i doing? where am i going?

am i going the opposite direction of where i want to be?

where i want to be:

in comfort, good food, comfort food, fancy drinks of all kinds, a cozy home, surrounded by art and creativity, admiring nature, fresh vegetables, warmth, beauty, solitude, slow living, sweet words, kindness, to be cherished, to love and be loved, a mutual respect, security, laughter, loyalty, companionship, some adventure but also lots of down time, quite time, cozy time, patience, roots, solid roots which are watered often - but not too often, a pinch of magic but don't over do it, dreaming but not dreaming my life away, practical but not boring, love, the right kind of love, a colorful love, simple pleasures, sharing simple pleasures with the one(s) i love

old jazz playing in the background, the smell of honeysuckle from outside and chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.

creating a safe place in this world, creating a place i can escape to.


  1. The grand canyon at sundown.

  2. It sounds to me like you're already on your way. I think being where you'd like to be in your head is often times better than being there in reality. So, you're there! Congratulations!