June 16, 2010

new art

a red bear and some found objects from a box of junk my grandma gave me a while back.
i even found a really old stamp that i kept ignoring for months until today.
i happened to look at it and realized that it is from oakland, ca..
odd coincidence.

so i stuck it to the back.

if felt really good to make this.
sometimes i get bored of sewing because its so clean and dry.

sleepy king is just one side of me......
i like junky things like nuts and bolts and old tattered lace too you know.


  1. hehe...I like your sojourn into the 2-d...I'm always looking on the ground for the next treasure. Even if I don't use it, I still find junky things inspiring. I'm glad you are exploring.

  2. Please don't let yourself get bored...you make such beautiful things, in all incarnations.