January 6, 2010

warmth on cold winter days..

pretty vintage afgan at, tractordog

Vintage Mustard Knit Slouchy Cardigan at, RegalVintage

Softspoken Open Mouth Scarf in Golden

Alice in Winterland Fingerless Gloves by, YesJess

Asymmetrical Olive Coverall Stretch Knit Sweater by, PeekoApparel

I dont know about you but I am getting tired of this weather. Its so cold and dark everyday, It makes me feel sluggish.

I am looking forward to spring so I can start on my garden, eat fresh veggies, go outside more and feel alive again. I can't wait to see the trees bloom, flowers bloom, bird singing.. fresh grass.. ahhhh.

For now I will sit inside and get fat on too many carbs and mochas. I wish I could buy all of the items I have listed to make this chilly weather more enjoyable. ;)


  1. I just wanted to let you know that Red Sleepy Fox arrived safely on my doorstep the other afternoon, he now sleeps upstairs next to my sewing machine and he seems quite content! Thanks, he is adorable!


  2. I am right there with you - mochas and carbs and spring fever. Sigh.