January 11, 2010

Last night and the multivitamin..

I took a multivitamin for the first time in months last night before bed. Bad idea. I was up all night long thinking about what I want my new mini terrarium to look like. Do I want a mini sheep in it or do I want a mini gnome? Do I want to make my own or order one from weegreenspot on etsy? Then I started seeing things in our bedroom. I swore that there was a ghost in there trying to stop me from yelling Trents name. I felt paralyzed and insane last night in bed... I never knew that a vitamin could make me feel like I was on drugs.


  1. whoa nelly that sounds kinda scary! I hope that you managed to get some sleep eventually...I've never heard of a multivitamin having that effect.

  2. Are you serious? because if you are I SO want to know the name of that vitamin.....hahahahaha

  3. Hahaah It was a trader joes brand. Now that I think about it I did have a black tea around 7pm too. So I think the caffiene mixed with the B vitamins created some kinda craziness.

  4. Hi!
    Just discovered your great etsy shop and the ever so cute foxes! I am debating over your last mister mustard...so gorgeous!! I love him so much I blogged about him - nancyboland.blogspot.com. I was thinking - you should do an arctic white sleepy fox! Unless you've already done one? but how sweet would that be? :)
    Nancy xx