March 23, 2012

Peek-A-Boo Bunny & Lily Lavender the spring fox

I added two new items in the shop yesterday. The purple fox is my favorite! I rarely use purple + pinks in my work, but I'm going to start because people like those colors! Sometimes I forget because I'm not a HUGE fan of them. I do like them, but for some reason I'm always drawn to orange, yellow, & teal colors. I LOVE my new embroidered wall hanging too. Is it wrong that I love my own work? I hope not. I combined three different vintage fabrics on the wall hanging. An orange flannel with little creme flowers, an orange cotton with little shamrocks, and an orange/peach polyester gingham print. The bunny is hand embroidered with pretty brownish/orange cotton thread.

I plan on making a lot of these new little embroidered wall hangings. Should I attach ribbon to the metal part for hanging? Or should I leave that up to the buyer. I suppose I could offer the ribbon and if they didn't like it they could always remove it. Anyway, expect to see more of this type of work. I really enjoy embroidering! Should I make a book of Sleepy King embroidered art in the future? Maybe.. Maybe..

Have a good Friday!

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