March 29, 2012

etsy love: citrus + mango

Orange Lion by Yarnigans

Mango Tango Hair Barrette by LoftFullofGoodies

Mango Owl wing necklace by Me

Mango Bubble berret by SoftSpoken

Orange Pin cushion ring by Thimbleful

Lately I can't get enough of bright orange shades! The color orange seriously lifts my mood! I'm pretty sure there's some research out there about orange lifting ones mood. I have been eating oranges by the bowlful lately, too! I can't get enough. Yesterday I had an amazing mango smoothie from my least favorite drive through coffee shack, "Dutch Bros" But hey, they make some good drinks so I shouldn't be so judgmental about their branding (name, logos, and colors.. eeeh) I also just realized I have been using Alba mango shampoo + conditioner and Method mandarin mango hand soap (I highly recommend both products)

Just thought I'd share my color love with you. What color(s) lift your spirits?


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