April 28, 2010

scribbles and stuff

I know my art isn't great but it still feels good to get it out of me.

The first one is a little fox guy drawn on paper with a few splashes of paint & then sewn onto dotted fabric.

The second one is a collaboration with little Finnley Wolf. He did the background and I did the bunny.

The third one I made last night when I was going insane in my craft room.. I like the sewn scraps of fabric around her.. because sometimes I feel like I am drowning in fabric.


  1. what fun projects! I just love these pieces - especially "sheriff bunny" :)

    you have inspired me to get back to the drawing board and take a little break from the needle too!

  2. I think they're adorable! You should write a children's novel and illustrate it with art like that :]

  3. i love them! especially the collaboration. i always save the envelopes that you do with the drawings :)

  4. Sleepy, I love these! I am glad you got them out of you :) And your art is great!

  5. Thanks everyone! :) I've been working on more of these, I'll post them soon.