March 8, 2010

Thank you.

one of my very first plush foxes with crafty genius: elsie flannigan

rachael oglesby of softspoken with liam the little red fox

bon bon now lives in a happy home with blueberryshoes

grey poupon given as a gift

liam the little red fox happy with his new big roomie

the gorgeous tsurubride with liam and her owl wing headband

liam with his new owner tastybeets

Rupert with his new best friend.

This cutie saw Honey in Stuffed magazine and had to have her!

These photos make me so happy inside. Sometimes I can't believe that my creations are living in hundreds of homes all over the world. I feel so lucky. Thank you customers and fans!


  1. that is so wonderful!! These photos are so cute and sincere!!
    Way to go=)

  2. They are very sincere photos! Glad you two liked this post :)

  3. Hi Savannah,
    Little Miss Blueberry is one of the cutest members of our family: All the best, Marlous

  4. I LOVE your creations! I stumbled across them on etsy a while back, and have been enamored ever since :]
    It must be neat to see how much your customers like your product!

  5. Just wanted to let you know that we’ve nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award! Check it out at