December 18, 2009

Stuffed Magazine

I just wanted to remind everyone that Stuffed Magazine comes out really soon! January 1st!!! I have a full article featuring some of my older plushies from last summer. I feel like I have gotten a LOT better at making them and I am a little embarrassed at the way they look, but either way... Its good to be featured in such an awesome magazine. You can find it at stores such as Joann Fabric, Barnes and Nobles, Borders and probably many more.. 

January 1st 2010 ;)


  1. thank you!! doop! I love your squid so much. I still cannot believe that you only charge 25 for them. So much hard work goes into knitting those babies!

  2. Congrats once again! :) they look good 2gether.:D

  3. Thanks zero! I heard you got into the art doll magazine!? Congrats to you too!