November 5, 2009


Here are a few edited pictures of myself. I don't like posting highly recognizable pictures of myself on the internet for some reason. Plus I look better in high contrast pictures;)

The beret I am wearing is from softspoken and I adore it :D and Norway Spruce the fox is in my shop

Today is a tad bit overcast which really makes me happy. I am listening to Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited and sipping on a trainwreck (2 shots of espresso + coffee) soon I am going to get to sewing, cleaning the house, and going to the park to collect bits of nature with Finnley. I am making a little nature shrine in my living room. I will probably post some pictures of it soon.


  1. You look lovely, as usual!! Also, I'm SO getting one of those softspoken berets! I've been stalking her shop for a few days now...I can't decide on which one I want!

  2. That first photos is stunning!
    I have that beret in a green/yellow. I wear it ALL the time.
    Must go on a softspoken shopping spree!!

  3. can we do a photo trade? i so want to use that top one in my shop! i'm so behind on blog reading... can't believe i didn't see it till now!

  4. Sure you can use it! Its not the greatest photo of me.. I will take a better one soon and then you can choose