October 25, 2009

Introducing.. Sleepy Foxes :D

I love these foxes! They look so cozy. And they are great cuddling plushies for babies/kids. You can find these two in my shop. I plan on making a bunch of other "sleepy" animals, such as a sleepy squirrel and maybe a sleepy raccoon. But I am mostly focusing on sleepy foxes in a bunch of different colors. Does anyone have any suggestions on some other expressions you would like to see on my plushies? I am open to advice and suggestions! 


  1. Those are really cool. And what would make a toddler sleepy faster than a sleepy little fox to curl up to.

  2. Ahhhhhhh, so cute!!!! I love the little eyelashes- so darling.

  3. love them!! they were always my favorite ones=)

  4. absolutely love the foxes. Just found your etsy shop today and I'm loving it.

    Cheers from sunny Australia!