October 8, 2009

Halloween Paper Doll

I got my paper doll in the mail from woolandwater! I have been having a grand old time playing with her. Yes, playing. I know I should be doing grown up things because technically, I am "grown up" but I am just not interested in acting grown up yet.

Anyway, I LOVE this doll. I mean LOVE. She has brightened up my day! I really want to start a collection of weird paper dolls now.. I'm going to. I can't wait! Everyone should check out woolandwaters etsy shop www.woolandwater.etsy.com I love all of her work and I am definitely going to buy a few more of these lovely little dolls. You can also read her bio here. Very interesting. Shes been making dolls since she was a little girl! Her story and artwork are truly inspiring.


  1. Paper dolls are very cool,especially Halloween ones!nice find!

  2. Oh this is so awesome! Have to go and check out her store! Thanks for sharing and have a super weekend!

  3. Hi Savannah (my daughter's name!). Just wanted to say that I found your lovely work last night through papernstitch. I've just done a little post on your softies


    Funny, because I wrote about these same paper dolls this week too...