April 1, 2012

Head over to SkunkboyCreatures for a SleepyKing Giveaway!

Hey friends! Head over to the lovely Katie Shelton's blog for an amazing Sleepy King giveaway! You have a chance to win one of three Sleepy King items! Katie was ever so kind to host this giveaway for me! I'm so honored... she's adorable and so talented!

 All you have to do is comment on the Skunk Boy Creatures blog with your favorite  Sleepy King item. And for additional points you can like the official Sleepy King Facebook fanpage, follow me on twitter or copy and paste this on twitter:     

"Check out the adorable @sleepy_king giveaway on the @skunkboy blog!http://tinyurl.com/7paoj7e"

Remember, all of this has to be done over at Katie's blog, not mine.. good luck!!

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