February 21, 2010

Trip to PDX

cute shirt

new shoes for fin

new books for fin

embroidered bee necklace by moss

an ugly doll for finnley!

don't rain on my parade from missinglink

handmade coasters (I'm not sure who made them)

a SUPER cute tote/purse by boygirlparty!

Our trip to Portland was short, sweet and a tad bit stressful because we were rushed most of the time.. and we got lost in the city once. But we will be back soon I'm sure because our hearts are set on moving there.

My favorite store is on Hawthorne and its called Presents of Mind. They feature a lot of stuff made by Portland etsians. Here are a few of the things that I purchased. I spent a little too much but oh well! These things really make me smile ;)

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