February 8, 2010

love, love, love...

valentines is just around the corner. i am really not a huge fan, never have been. i'm not the kinda girl who expects a gift either. i usually tell him to save money for something special like a fun trip or.. for something practical like groceries haha. but these items that i found on etsy are just too cute!

1. folksy heart necklace from FoFum 2. raccoon girl by Tascha 3. big eyes by franticmeerkat
4. handmade lovebug by pipoca


  1. too cute!

    & I agree with the gifts thing. I never like it when people EXPECT gifts either...

    But i do usually go out of my way to send each of my friends little valentines or handwritten letters. Love is so much more than a 'significant other' Don't underestimate your friends! ;)


  2. very true.. friends are very important!

  3. I adore those bugs, I came across them last year. It's on my list of things I would like to collect off Etsy, along with a squirrel or fox from your shop.

  4. those are cute items...i'm not hugely into Valentines day but a little card or something chocolatey is nice to give to friends or recieve.

  5. So I just saw your cute new bunny in your etsy shop! Amazing! I really love your style.


  6. Ricebabies, the bug is sooo adorable and the foxes and squirrels will always be here waiting for ya ;)

    Ah thank you so much Gingiber!