December 20, 2009

Around my house in December..

                    This year we got a potted Fir.. we are going to plant it when Christmas is over. My JunkerJane doll is up at the top. 

Chico winters have been really strange in the past years.. This winter feels real. I remember last December being really sunny and odd.. I love the overcast weather and rain. This is a view from the kitchen.

I found that flocked vintage yellow tree at an antique store. Its covered in gold glitter, you just can't see it in this photo.

One of my AshleyG Prints.. I found this frame at a thrift store and took the ugly old picture out and gave this little fox a new home. 

And here is my pretty cat, Plum. She is a beauty and I love her.


  1. oh my! you're kitty is so cute. and i love her name. my daughters name is milla plum. :)

    miss james.

  2. Omg, Plum is a doll!!! What a pretty cat- with a perfect name, too.

    P.S. I'm jealous you got a junker jane doll!

  3. Oh, I so love that little yellow tree and that white room with the white peaceful :)

    I spy Allison! :D

    Happy Christmastime!

  4. :D i see junkerjane cool just to deco on the tree hehe..your cat so adaroble.big eyes..mine just ugly :P