September 3, 2009

Yellow Octeapod from dooptheory

Today I got my yellow squid/octopus in the mail! Its sooo cute and well made too! I have no idea how dooptheory knits with such fine yarn! It must be difficult. I love my little octeapod and I think my cat Tibet loves him too.

Check out dooptheory on etsy! Her work is absolutely beautiful.


  1. That is soooo cute! Love the color, too. And love your cat!

  2. Octopus in real life look really scary to me but this one is adorable! Love your cat too. haha.

    Your blog is so pretty, I'm following!


  3. im so glad you like it!

    i have two cats and they both love the fact that i play with yarn all day

  4. hehe. I don't even like cats, and i think they should be drop kicked. But your kitty is awesome. I might just change my mind about the cats.