August 6, 2009

Wedding Weekend

So this weekend Trent, Finnley and I are going to Lodi California to celebrate my brother in laws wedding. Its probably going to be the fanciest wedding I've ever been to. We are staying at a 5 star hotel at a winery! I will bring my camera and hopefully.. I'll remember to take some pictures. I picked out my rehersal dinner dress today at a lovely little boutique in my town called LuLus. I realize now that It might be too casual? I am not a dressy person AT ALL so I had a really hard time finding one. I am stubborn when it comes to dressing myself too. I hate stuffy clothes. I hate super trendy clothes. I just loved this little black dress because its simple and looks handmade and almost vintage?

And then I saw THIS ONE ! Ahhh its so beautiful! I want it! Not for the wedding but just to have it.

Anyways.. This post really is pointless. Im not a good blogger, forgive me!

I just wanted to say goodbye to my followers and my etsy friends :)

Have a great weekend!!!



  1. Stopped by to check out your blog and say hi. HI! Love your blog and those dresses are lovely! Ooohhhh a 5 star hotel...sounds wonderful.:) Enjoy!! Cheers!

  2. Those dresses are wonderful!!! Have fun at the fancy wedding and post a pic of yourself wearing one of these dresses!