August 17, 2009

Pirate Barnabas

"Barnabas originally wanted to get to the Americas to live a small and quiet life under a cheese shop, so he hopped a ship. Little did he know Fate had other plans."

~ JunkerJane

Barnabas was featured in Stuffed Magazine on page 9. I feel so lucky to own this little guy!
Everyone should check out JunkerJanes etsy shop and buy one or two or maybe even three of her wonderful little plush characters.


  1. AWwww!! She has one called The Mistress that she just sent to Stuffed and I want her SOOOO bad! I wanted to buy her and then she was gone.. Hopefully I'll get her one day!

  2. SleepyKing, thanks so much for featuring Barnabas!!! Glad you like :)

  3. :D oh wow u bought it awww so cute!