July 27, 2009

Rupert - The Little Raccoon.

Rupert seems to be my most popular softie. People love him! He made it to the front page today, Yes!!! I love the front page! I think I need to re-take Ruperts pictures though, they look a little weird. Anyways.. my wholesale order is *almost* done. Its been so much fun making a bunch of my plushies all at once. I got a little side tracked last night and I made Finnley an organic cotton toy stuffed with bamboo. He loves it!! He has a bunch of organic cotton receiving blankets and they are sooo nice but they are way too small for him now so I decided I will make him toys and maybe a pair of comfy lounge pants. Anyways, Its time to go to the post office. I love the smell of the post office. I want to sleep there.

1 comment:

  1. Awww I love him. When I got one, it was between him and the mischievous squirrel. I felt like the squirrel would fit in at my house a little better. Lol!